The photo below won the first prize of a competition run by the Teylingen Council in 2010 and was printed on the cover of the

2010-2011 Teylingen Council Guide.




Warmont Castle


With this picture I obtained in 2016 the first prize of a photo competition on raptors organized by Roots. The picture was

published in the november 2016 edition of that magazine



Northern goshawk




 The following photo was published in the book: Alexander Koenders, ed. Deel de Natuur. Uitgelicht. [Jaarsveld], Stichting

Deel de Natuur, 2010.




Candle stick fungus 


The photos pictured below were published in the book: Daan Schoonhoven, ed. Beleef buiten. [Nijkerk], Birdpix, 2011.




Cross-leaved heath                                                                   Yellow stagshorn 


The magazine Vogels 2012;32(3):34 and the Diary 2020 of Vogelbescherming included the following photo:





In the Crossbill Guides series a new volume was published in 2014, i.e.: Hilbers, Dirk, en Kees Woutersen: Canary Islands:

I. Lanzarote and Fuerteventura (Spain). Arnhem, Crossbill Guides Foundation, 2014. This book contained seven of my

photos. One of them was printed on the frontcover.



   Playa de Cofete                                                                    Montañas del Fuego




              Ramalina canariensis                                                     Windmill in Llanos de la Concepcíon




          Canary spurge                                                                  Lanzarote viper's bugloss



East Canary sand crocus


In the same series another volume was published in 2015, i.e.: Hilbers, Dirk, en Kees Woutersen: Canary Islands:

II. Tenerife and La Gomera (Spain). Arnhem, Crossbill Guides Foundation, 2015. This book contained one of my photos.



Tenerife gecko

One of my pictures was published in: Schoonhoven, Daan (ed.). Praktijkboek wildlife fotografie. Zoogdieren fotograferen in

binnen- en buitenland. [Nijkerk], Birdpix/Nederpix, 2015.



Chacma baboon


In: Vos, Dick de. Dieren in de stad. Leiden, Ginkgo, 2015, one of my pictures of foxes was included.



Red fox


In Natuurfoto Magazine nr. 23 (2016) the following picture was published, together with an interview.



Approaching rain cloud


In: Vos, Dick de. Natuur in de stad. Bijles voor burgers, the next picture was incorporated.



Northern goshawk


The picture below was published in DeelDeNatuur Photomagazine 2017.



Flowering desert


This picture was included in DeelDeNatuur Photomagazine 2018


European pine marten


In the magazine Bomennieuws, edition summer 2019, a publication of the Tree Foundation, an article about galls

written by me on invitation was published. The pictures were also made by me.



In the book: Pauwels, Arend, Michael Emmerich, Jan van der Geld, Roelof Janssens, Elly Riemens and

Marga Ronhaar (eds.). Beelden verwonderen, 35 jaar VAN. Amstelveen, VAN, 2019, four of my pictures

were published.



Pied avocets



European pine marten



European sparrow-hawk



Common redshank



                                                2011. 25 October 2011 - 15 June 2012: Gallery Papyrus, Leiden. 
                                                2012. 4 October 2012 - 2 January 2013: Alrijne Hospital, Leiderdorp.

                                                2013. 4 January 2013 - 28 March 2013: Gelderse Vallei Hospital, Ede.

                                                2013. 26 September 2013 - 23 October 2013: Gallery De Pomp, Warmond.

                                                2018. 22 March - 25 April: Gallery De Pomp, Warmond.

                                                2021. 18 March - 21 April: Gallery De Pomp, Warmond.